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Track Review: Leopard Rays // Times A Factor, Kid

Inspired by the iconic rock bands Oasis and Pearl Jam, Leopard Rays is an alternative rock quartet bringing an old-school style into the 21st century. Despite being only a couple of years old, the group have already performed at music festivals, such as Stockton Calling, as well as receiving coverage from BBC Introducing and have headlined shows in London, Manchester and Newcastle (not to mention the sold-out gigs in local Hartlepool). Combining high-energy melodies with dynamic vocals, Leopard Rays is set to be one of the headliners in the UK underground scene.

Following the success of their singles ‘Daydream’ and ‘Brother’, Luke Dawkins (vocals), Sean McCloskey (guitar), Tom Pattison (bass) and David Wilcox (drums) release the debut EP Times A Factor, Kid. A four-track EP, Leopard Rays takes you on a journey from frantic energy to a slower and steadier in 14 minutes.

Beginning with ‘Brother’, the group shows their ability to “rock your socks” with an upbeat, energetic and engaging guitar-driven melody. McCloskey’s skills are certainly highlighted in ‘Brother’ complementing the bass, drums and vocals effortlessly. However, as we move into ‘Daydream’, Leopard Rays show their skill to create a dreamy ambience. Now, I’m not talking dreamy as in meditation and all that, but a far less zestful sound than the dynamic ‘Brother’.

A little steadier, but as dynamic, is the third track ‘Pass You By’. Illustrating their versatility in style, the group move from a softer opening to powerful and compelling guitar-driven ending. While Leopard Rays demonstrate a steadier side to their sound in ‘Pass You By’, they show a soft delicacy in the final track ‘Times A Factor, Kid’.

In only four tracks, these lads move from a burst of heavy rock to the exquisite simplicity of a ballad. Compelling in all areas, Leopard Rays’ Times A Factor, Kid is sophisticated, engaging and distinctive. I have not seen them perform but, based on their debut EP, I bet it would be a fantastic experience!

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