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Track Review: Let’s All Pretend // Miami Snow

Bringing together elements of synth-pop and post-punk, UK-based Miami Snow has a unique sound. Quite mellow but at the same time provocative, the duo is described as a “…music and visual art project born out of lockdown.” Founded in 2020, frontman Max Langley and producer Hillary Steps might be considered a newcomer to the indie music scene; however, they are by no means sitting in the background. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music, Edgar Allan Poets, RGM and several playlists, the duo is turning heads on a global scale. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Let’s All Pretend’.

The sophomore single from the androgynous group, ‘Let’s All Pretend’ lies somewhere between Talking Heads and Placebo. Unlike the previous single ‘Electric Charge’, ‘Let’s All Pretend’ adopts a more rock-influenced approach. Musically, the track is synth-driven with prominent use of synths, but there is an interjection of guitars adding a grungier vibe to the song. Lyrically, however, there is far more complexity to the single.

Described as a “…focus on the idea of peoples fake social media personalities”, ‘Let’s All Pretend’ touches on self-doubt, self-denial and vulnerable sensitivity. Yet, while there is an intricate web of social media-induced issues, an element of empowerment covers the song like a gossamer blanket. Approaching the concept of acceptance in modern society, Miami Snow points out the challenges and overcoming these situations. It’s as if the duo took the insecurities of people in a social media society and stripped it down to showcase how aspects can be managed.

I must be honest, this genre has never appealed to me and very few synth-pop songs are found on my iPod; however, Miami Snow has piqued my interest. Sentimental, obscure and intimate, ‘Let’s All Pretend’ could lead me to enjoy this cinematic soundscape in the future.

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