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Track Review: Letter To My Friend // Karen Harding

With the power of Eva Cassidy, the intimacy of Sarah McLachlan and the sweetness of Karen Carpenter, singer-songwriter Karen Harding is a sonic force of nature. The terms elegant, sophisticated, enchanting and tender cannot capture the beauty of Karen Harding, and I have listened to a lot of her music. A regular feature on Nexus Music Blog, it’s clear to see we are fans; however, we are not the only ones who think she’s totally awesome. Since her debut single in 2021, Australia-based Karen has received coverage from international press including Sinusoidal Music and The Other Side Reviews. She has also won awards ranging from the Bendigo Bank-sponsored Independent Talent Show on Radio Eastern FM and the Top 10 Winner for the World Songwriting Awards.

Building up to her EP Letter To My Friend, Karen has run a “single per month” campaign with the title track being her final single release. One of the most heartfelt songs on her new EP, ‘Letter To My Friend’ showcases a more intense vulnerability in the music. She explains that this track “…was written at a time when so many people around me were becoming unwell and receiving difficult news. Being during Covid lockdowns, I was unable to be there during these times. This song was my way of processing the emotions that I was feeling and led me to the point where I could see their strength in overcoming these challenges.”

Following ‘I’ve Got A Secret’, ‘Letter To My Friend’ has a folk-inspired style – soft, gentle and tender. With a sound that is distinctly Karen Harding, we can hear a heartfelt soothing in the laidback tune; however, it is not just a laidback and flowing song. Within the track, you can hear the vulnerability and desperation in Karen’s vocal execution. Add the powerful strings with their ferocity and you truly feel the soul-stirring slap of intimacy in ‘Letter To My Friend’.

I will say it again and again but listening to Karen Harding’s latest single reminds me of how moving and evocative this singer-songwriter is. I cannot wait to hear the full EP and hope she has more up her sleeve.

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