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Track Review: Lewis Ciavarella // New Sun

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, genre-melding singer-songwriter Lewis Ciavarella moved from busking on the streets of Melbourne to recording original material and we are so glad he did! Combining the passion of his Italian heritage with the liveliness of Australia, Lewis brings a sophisticated style combining elements of funk, soul and indie-rock. The latest single from this talented artist is ‘New Sun’.

Combining the funkiness of James Brown with the uninhibited energy of Earth, Wind & Fire, Lewis Ciavarella drags the funk/soul sound of yesteryear into the 21st Century. While there is a high-powered melody with Eric Clapton-esque guitar undertones, it is the cheekiness of the track that really captured my attention. Slapping issues of existential dread with wry crooning and sensual dulcet tones, Lewis oozes self-confidence and charm in ‘New Sun’.

Recorded as the lead single from his upcoming EP Two, ‘New Sun’ brings together witty lyricism atop a smooth, flowing melody. Harmonic in nature, Lewis youthful sensibility overwhelms his powerful guitar-playing; however, not too overwhelming to result in an unstructured swirl of sound. Instead, ‘New Sun’ showcases Lewis sophistication and maturity as an artist. In short – I love it!!

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