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Track Review: Life Express // 1.0.8.

Formed in the mind of singer-songwriter Andrew Stewart, 1.0.8. is a genre-defying musical project. Incorporating blues, Americana, folk, jazz and classic rock in his repertoire, 1.0.8. can captivate any audience. Working on various visual and music-based projects with emerging and established artists, Andrew can be considered creative and his creativity shines in 1.0.8. The latest addition to his eclectic discography is the single ‘Life Express’.

Following his critically acclaimed EP Nine Times Twelve (featured in The Other Side Reviews and Divide and Conquer), ‘Life Express’ is an energetic Americana track. A whirlwind of sound, the powerful guitars and drums captivate you from the first second. While the track is guitar-driven with catchy riffs and impressive solos throughout, it is Andrew’s vocals that truly lead the single. Rich, warm and robust, his bold tones guide you through the swirl of music. It’s odd to say the vocals are the driving force, but the power of Andrew’s voice is overwhelming.

An infectious upbeat track, ‘Life Express’ has you dancing from the outset. Yet, while there is lighthearted joviality to the single, the lyricism is far more poignant. Aptly named ‘Life Express’, the song touches on existential truths and the awareness of this reality. It “suggests something of the awareness of chaos, brilliance, excitement and knife-edge existence of life”. Thing is, Andrew is delving into the seriousness of life; however, the spirited melody embraces the good experiences. It’s like knowing the chocolate cake will ruin your diet but you have to live in the moment and enjoy the cake while it’s fresh.

Overall, I love this song! From the buoyant melody to the enchanting vocals, ‘Life Express’ is a well-arranged and addictive. Utterly insatiable!

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