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Track Review: Lifeline // Diana Bidèa

With the intensity of Joni Mitchell and the soul of Sade, US-based singer-songwriter Diana Bidèa is taking us through her genre-defying tapestry with her new sound. Merging elements of R&B, blues, jazz and contemporary pop, this singer-songwriter has a soothing side but also an edgy attitude. One of the more unique aspects of Diana’s character is her training as a classical opera singer which might contribute to the clarity of her vocals; however, while there is a traditionalism in the sound, she is hardly conventional. The latest single from this talented songstress is ‘Lifeline’.

Following her contemporary track ‘Would You Still’, ‘Lifeline’ is a step down from the upbeat pop track adopting a sexier, softer and soothing jazz melody. Combining jazz style instrumentation with her husky vocals, Diana stands out amidst a younger generation of pop singers. The tinge of obscurity is reminiscent of Erykah Badu, but Diana has a more relatable sound similar to Lana Del Rey. Yet, she is far more soulful and intense than Del Rey with an intimate sophistication in her music.

What I find interesting is how the charming melody has a flowing nature but is in contrast to the lyricism. The balance between languid and poignant depth highlights Diana’s innovativeness as an artist. Touching on elements of angst, fear, inner turmoil and self-loathing, ‘Lifeline’ is a tribute to people dealing with difficult life choices and turn to self-destructive behaviour instead of dealing with the problem in a rational way; so, everyone really. Diana shares that “…the idea behind ‘Lifeline’ is the relationship you have with yourself and what you use to feel more in control. When I start spiralling out of control my initial defence mechanism is to self-sabotage and this song is a symbol of that. A symbol of making rash decisions just to feel like you’re making any decision. I believe everyone has a person or a thing they do that is used as their lifeline, and this song is a story about mine.”

 Exposing her vulnerability, ‘Lifeline’ is a representation of people at their most fragile in a sincere, sentimental way. While a melancholic song, I find there is an empowering thread in its sonic tapestry as we embrace hardships and use those in a positive way to make changes. Diana Bidèa has hit the nail on the head with this one and I can’t wait to hear more.

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