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Track Review: Light The Sky // Transmissions

Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, The Microphones, Men I Trust, Angels of Light and Father John Misty, Transmissions is an eclectic group with a boundary-breaking sound. True, the UK-based quintet is relatively new on the music scene with only one single released, but they are by no means amateur. Featured on Pop Fad Blog, RGM, We Write About Music and The Other Side Reviews, Transmissions is grabbing the attention of notable critics and audiences. Come with us as we listen to their debut single ‘Light The Sky’.

Lying somewhere between indie-rock, pop and indie-folk, ‘Light The Sky’ is a kaleidoscopic single within a cinematic soundscape. With a strong mellow ambience, the track tips you into a multi-coloured pool of water setting you adrift with a strong feeling of comfort. Yet, while it is a song that lulls you into a warm, smile-inducing fog, the movement from psychedelic fuzz to a powerful indie-rock melody showcases the band’s innovativeness as artists.

What I find particularly interesting about the melodic arrangement is how the instrumentation elegantly aligns with the theme of the song. Transmissions explain that ‘Light The Sky’ is the first single off their conceptual album “about a man obsessed with leaving the world in hopes of being taken away by aliens. He sits in the woods and reflects on his lonely life, randomly switching between thoughts of loneliness and isolation to thoughts of extra-terrestrials. ‘Light The Sky’ aims to be the sonic equivalent of a transcendental encounter with a spacecraft.”

Reminding me greatly of Radiohead but with their own contemporary edginess, Transmissions raise the bar with their hazy sound. ‘Light The Sky’ flows into your body, licks your brain and sends shivers down your spine while keeping you completely at ease. This is Transmissions’ debut single and if this is anything to go by, I can’t wait for more from the group.

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