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Track Review: Lighter Now // Jacquie Clay

Combining elements of pop, R&B and soul, Jacquie Clay is a US-based singer-songwriter with a lot to share. Embracing music at a young age, this multi-instrumentalist has honed her sound to create the perfection we hear now. One intriguing aspect of Jacquie is her resilience as she overcame several health challenges pushing through to share her unique sound with the world. Her tale inspires others to pursue their dreams and “work towards your goals no matter what…” The latest single from this talented artist (for what she does is artistry) is ‘Lighter Now’.

Following her heartfelt track ‘Home With You’, ‘Lighter Now’ adopts a laidback pop style with powerful beats, percussion and Jacquie’s signature piano. Yet, while there is a laidback, airy feel to ‘Lighter Now’, there is a deeper, more serious message to the infectious tune. Connecting with listeners on a deeper level, Jacquie uses a personal narrative to share her tale of inspiration and aspiration.

Performed with the backing vocals of Canada-based singer-songwriter Marina Bennett, ‘Lighter Now’ has both a childish innocence and reflective sophistication to it. What I love about Jacquie Clay’s music is not her interesting melodic arrangement (although that is a pulling factor) but the sincerity in her voice. Even without the evocative lyricism, you can tell there is purity and raw passion oozing from her dulcet tones. Backed by the self-proclaimed “sonic storyteller” Marina Bennett, ‘Lighter Now’ is exquisitely executed enhancing its poignant theme of empowerment.

Reflective, introspective and sentimental, Jacquie Clay blows me away with her new single ‘Lighter Now’. I can’t wait for more from this talented songstress, but for now, I’ll have this song on repeat and be content.

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