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Track Review: Like A Fire Engine // Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat

What makes an average guy? Kids, wife, house, decent job, all the things society says we should have. Now, what makes an extraordinary guy? The best example is the lads of Dream Of A Man In Top Hat. Comprising the sensational skills of ex-Native Tongue members Lee Leffler and Michael Frackleton, and you have a duo of extraordinary gentlemen. Known for their involvement in the 80s post-punk band Native Tongue, Lee and Michael could be considered veteran musicians; but this doesn’t mean they’re stuck in walking chairs with hearing aids. Nope, they’re taking on the post-punk/psychedelic young ‘uns with, what Divide and Conquer music magazine called “…stuff [that] goes far beyond anything I’ve heard in that genre…”

On the heels of their well-received singles ‘Opposite Poles’ and ‘The Destination’, Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat begins the new year with a bang. The first track from the dynamic duo in 2023, ‘Like A Fire Engine’ hits you in the chest with a strong classic rock sound going a million miles per hour. Yet, while a strong rock-inspired sound is present, Lee and Michael insert a slice of post-punk into the song with nostalgic flair. Tossing you into a sonic whirlpool, you aren’t entirely sure where to place the track genre-wise; all you know is the kaleidoscopic soundscape have you swirling about in a frenzied ambience.

Unlike ‘The Destination’, ‘Like A Fire Engine’ is far more upbeat and hard-hitting. The high-paced tempo melded with an “in your face” rock vibe. In an interview with music magazine Psychedelic Baby, Lee Leffler shared that the concept behind Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat is “…the mantra: don’t be afraid” – and there is no fear in the robust boldness of ‘Like A Fire Engine’.

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