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Track Review: Liketure // Crzy Horse

Hailing from Australia, but currently residing in Germany, Crzy Horse is an artist unlike any other. Renowned for his energetic and engaging style, this DJ and music producer has performed at some of the top festivals across the globe. As such, his following grows on a daily basis with critics and listeners alike. Featured in The Other Side Reviews and Vents Magazine, Crzy Horse has been dubbed as having powerful beats that captivate audiences. The latest addition from this artist is the single ‘Liketure’.

Following his well-received track ‘Heavens’, Crzy Horse slithers into your ears with the synth-laden electropop single ‘Liketure’. While the track has a strong dance flavour to it, there is a contemporary pop edginess that makes Crzy Horse unique. The strong leaning to electronica is noted giving off heavy dance vibes. A self-produced track, Crzy Horse showcases his expertise in arranging music, so the layering comes together as a united whole in its melody.

The melody itself is intriguing and can get you dancing to the music, but the message behind these beats is what shows Crzy Horse’s depth. Combining the terms ‘like’ and ‘culture’, he comments on today’s “like-centric” social media culture. A powerful commentary on how connecting with people via technology can be positive, but also highly negative, Crzy Horse exposes the consequences of social media. What makes the track unique is how he shows great vulnerability but to a high-powered dance beat that can mask vulnerability.

Overall, I find this track highly thought-provoking, while at the same time just something fun to blast through my speakers. I can’t wait for more from this talented artist.

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