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Track Review: Lint-Trap Ghost // The Figurants

Drawing together elements of grunge, post-punk and alternative rock with a dash of indie-folk, The Figurants is a US-based duo with a truly eclectic sound. After meeting in high school Matt McClure (vocals, guitar, bass and keys) and Erik Sahd (drums) went ahead to create some genre-defying music…of course, this was 20 years after the pair first met. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Last Day Deaf, FV Music Blog, Testicanzoni Rockol and various playlists/online radio stations, the lads are reaching people across the globe. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’.

From the tale of twin connections in ‘Phantom Twin’, The Figurants take us on another journey in ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’. Instead of talking about present engagements, the new single speaks about a time traveller who “…accidentally sets his time machine to return 40 years later than he intended” and the ramifications thereof. You see, unlike Doc and Marty McFly in Back To The Future, the time traveller is only gone for about 20 minutes according to him but 40 years for everyone he knows. Needless to say, his family and friends might be a bit annoyed as he seemingly abandons all of them. Time travel, hey. What a problem.

Using their storytelling prowess to keep you captivated like a kid around a campfire, ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’ is intriguing and exciting. Although there is a strong nod to indie-rock, the underlying synths add an ethereal quality to the track. This otherworldliness is definitely apt considering the song is about something quite otherwordly itself. Yet, while there is a hazy ambience in the track, Matt McClure’s rich vocals act as an anchor. The boldness and power in his dulcet tones ensure you become a little lost in the tale but don’t lose your way too much. He needs you to stay in the present to listen to the time traveller’s tale before heading off to a fuzzy world of sound.

Overall, I enjoy the track. Truthfully, I’m a fan of The Figurants’ obscurity and innovativeness, so my opinion might be a little biased. If you want to enjoy a few minutes of some quality music then I recommend you take a listen to ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’.

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