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Track Review: Lipstick Muse // HOL

For over 5 years, singer-songwriter HOL has entertained audiences with her captivating music. Typically a pop artist, this UK-based artist has the charm of old-school synth-pop, but this is not the beginning and end of her sound. From various shades of pop to folk and tinges of rock, there is a boldness in HOL’s music that cannot be ignored. Featuring on various publications and playlists, HOL is receiving critical acclaim on a global scale. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Lipstick Muse’.

The first single from HOL in 2023, ‘Lipstick Muse’ has a stronger rock edge to the tune. Unlike previous tracks ‘333’ and ‘Intoxicated Dreamin’, HOL flits from her signature dream-pop tone to something bolder, heavier and hard-hitting. Pounding drums match dynamic guitars providing an indie-rock sound but the underlying synths add a pop sentimentality to the track. I know I mention genres in this paragraph somewhat labelling HOL; however, this change in sound and combination of different styles shows her versatility as an artist.

Showcasing a new era in HOL’s musical journey, she treads out of her dream-pop bubble embracing something unique, edgy and intriguing. Just as the melody holds its own as an indie-rock pool of sound, HOL’s vocal execution slivers through tinging the track with dream-pop sentimentality. She teeters through the rough instrumentation adding a wistful innocence to ‘Lipstick Muse’. This innocence not only adds a breath of fresh air but an intimate intensity to the single.

Retaining her skill as a poetic storyteller, HOL once again uses a personal narrative to connect with audiences. ‘Lipstick Muse’ touches on the complexity of relationships and how it resonates with listeners. The single “takes over the feelings experienced when you’re not able to get someone out of your head even when they’re out of your life…”. The intricate complexity of opposing feelings like relief and distress, calm and confusion, anxiety and a gentle release is not only heard in her lyricism but also in the soft pop meets hard rock melody.

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