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Track Review: Lithium // Sarah Krimson

With her reputation for moving melodies and engaging lyrics, singer-songwriter Sarah Krimson is making her mark on the UK indie scene. Using music as a means of self-expression, Sarah connects with listeners using personal narratives and, as such, has built quite a following. After moving to London to pursue a career in music, Sarah has performed in various notable venues and worked with several notable producers. The critical acclaim of her debut single ‘Burning London’ prompted a series of successful tracks with ‘Alice’ charting on the Africa DJ Charts. The latest addition to Sarah’s well-received discography is ‘Lihium’.

Bringing together elements of alternative and indie-pop, ‘Lithium’ is an exploration of human fragility in its rawest form. Initially penned in 2017, the track was produced several times across various studios in London before reaching Sarah’s envisioned perfection. Following her hazy single ‘Madrose’, ‘Lithium’ offers more clarity both melodically and lyrically. Stripping her sound of an otherworldly mystical ambience, ‘Lithium’ is the sonic representation of strength, empowerment and overcoming vulnerabilities…but with an odd tinge of delicacy in the sound.

Inspired by her opinions on unrequited relationships, the lyrical input is dark and sombre in a poignant way. Yet, the metaphysical references have depth but there is a lightheartedness belying the brutal tune. So, I’m not one to compare artists but I have to say there is a whiff of Ariana Grande’s force and Amanda Palmer’s intensity in Sarah Krimson’s music. Alright, so that’s a comparison but I do know that Sarah Krimson is a gem in the rough. This is the first I have heard of her but I foresee great things for this UK-based artist.

Side note: if you’d like to see Sarah Krimson in action, then check out her official music video for ‘Lithium’ here. A quick word of caution for viewers, there are rapid image transitions and lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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