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Track Review: Little Things // Charlie John

Making his way into a contemporary pop scene, Charlie John is Charlie Puth meets Justin Bieber, but with a uniqueness that is his own. Raised in a musical family, it makes sense that music plays a large role in Charlie’s life with him performing at the tender age of 6 – even if it was for his family and friends. In high school, he began his solo project, and he hasn’t turned back.

Receiving critical acclaim from The Other Side Reviews, Anthem Review, Pop Fad Blog and various playlists, Charlie is reaching ears across the globe. In fact, he has been turning heads on all levels winning the ‘Best Original Pop Song’ and ‘Best Original Singer/Songwriter Song’ at the Ohio Music Awards in 2016. Fun fact: he was also contacted by producers of The Voice to audition in 2013, 2014 and 2016. One of the most recent releases from Charlie John is the single ‘Little Things’.

Keeping busy, Charlie has released a plethora of material in 2021 from the well-received EP My Messy Mind to singles ‘Change Me’, ‘Broken’ and ‘Cold’, all with a different sound and feel. The transition from folk to electropop and more highlights Charlie’s versatility as an artist. Following the soulful ‘Broken’, ‘Little Things’ has a sophisticated intensity as a pop ballad.

While Charlie is superb in his more upbeat songs, the smoother and soothing execution of ‘Little Things’ is as astounding. Incorporating a saxophone with dynamic drums and guitars is inspiring adding slight obscurity to the track. Moreover, the saxophone solo leads a crescendo into a catchy chorus with all instrumentation played. This is interesting as the song opens as an acoustic-led style but ends with a fuller sound aligning with the emotive message of ‘Little Things’.

A poignant track, ‘Little Things’ touches on ended relationships and the consequences of breaking up. It’s about realising what you have lost and attempting to deal with the situation – a “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” case. Using a personal narrative and extensive vocal range, Charlie John connects with his listeners on an intimate and impressive way. Anthemic and intriguing, Charlie captivates me with his intoxicating sound. I can’t wait for more from this artist.

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