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Track Review: Littlewing // Bones In Butter

Based in Belgrade, Serbian six-piece Bones In Butter is breeding a new type of dream-pop. Coming together as a result of common interests and goals, the group are layering engaging lyrics over dreamy melodies. Despite being a new group in a large pond, Bones In Butter are receiving critical acclaim from the likes of The Other Side Reviews, YMX, iHeart and Less Than 1000 Followers. Bones In Butter begin 2021 with their single ‘Littlewing’.

A self-produced single, ‘Littlewing’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Belgrade’s HillRiver Studios. Influenced by acts like Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, the song has a strong glam-rock feel amidst the synth-laden shoegaze meets dream-pop sound. It’s a lot of genres, but this intricate arrangement of ambient guitars and hushed vocals showcases Bones In Butter’s innovativeness.

With several years of touring and band experience to their name, Luna Skopelja (vocals and samples), Todor Zivovic (guitars), Dejan Skopelja (bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (drums) and Srdjan Popov (guitar) are veterans in the music scene. However, it is the poetic lyricism of Milutin Krasevic that enhances the poignancy of the track.

What I find intriguing is how the melody accentuates the song’s thematic concept. A beautiful ballad, ‘Littlewing’ was written when Krasevic was courting his wife making it a “warm feeling” single, and this is easily seen with the “warm feeling” melody. Harmonically fusing, the rich vocals and gentle instrumentation build a soothing, tender ambience in which you can easily become lost.

While there is an element of simplicity in the guitar-driven song with all aspects forming a languid whole, the complexity holds sway as you’re taken on a journey of love. Anthemic, hypnotic and kaleidoscopic, I foresee Bones In Butter to be a great success – at least if ‘Littlewing’ is anything to go by.

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