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Track Review: Lock & Key // Sky Olson

From Music For All to Iggy Magazine, Rising Artists Blog, The Other Side Reviews, PopFad and various other press, Sky Olson brings a unique sound to the pop music sphere. An award-winning singer-songwriter, Sky Olson is not just turning heads of independent music blogs but also performing across the US and winning numerous awards. Along with him reaching semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition in 2021, Sky is the winner of the John Lennon Songwriter Contest ‘Love Song’ in 2022 and the Weekly John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2021. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Lock & Key’.

Last year, Sky Olson charmed us with the single ‘Cruise Control’ and he is back with an eclectic song ‘Lock & Key’ showcasing his breathy vocals and captivating melody. Inspired by artists like John Mayer and Billie Eilish, there is an expectation of obscurity slithering into a heartfelt ballad – and this is sort of what we receive. Reminiscent of John Mayer’s vocals, Sky builds up his breathy vocals with charming warmth and richness.

While you can become captivated by Sky’s vocal execution exclusively, the melody embraces you in a powerful sonic hug. Soft strings and piano soften the force of his guitar-driven arrangement. From the haunting backing sounds to the awe-inspiring guitar solo infused with a slight blues tone reminiscent of Santana and BB King. This is Sky Olson’s latest single, and I believe ‘Lock & Key’ will be another award-winning track.

As with all of his music, Sky Olson is inspired by themes of love, lies, acceptance, meaning and heartbreak – and this is clear in ‘Lock & Key’. A love song of sorts, ‘Lock & Key’ explores toxic relationships or rather being in a relationship you know isn’t right or good for you. The push and pull of the melody elegantly express frustration, confusion and vulnerability. Sky explains that “…sometimes we love people that we know we shouldn’t…that alluring push and pull can make us feel trapped with someone who isn’t good for us…”

Sincere, sentimental and heartfelt, Sky Olson sends our souls soaring with his single ‘Lock & Key’.

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