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Track Review: Lonely Nights // Finn Forster

Following a rather exceptional 2020 releasing critically acclaimed material and featured as BBC Introducing Track of the Week twice, Finn Forster has launched onto the scene with a blazing brightness. Yet, while 2020 was a big year he is certain 2021 will be even bigger. In addition to several gigs scheduled for the UK – hopefully, people can attend what with the pandemic, Finn shares his unique single ‘Lonely Nights’ with the masses.

Following his well-received debut EP Lockdown B-Sides, featured on Narc Magazine, The Other Side Reviews and FV Music Blog, ‘Lonely Nights’ is an evolution of Finn’s sound. Unlike his previous acoustic guitar-driven tracks emphasising his folk-esque vocals, ‘Lonely Nights’ does a flip to the world of R&B. Collaborating with Teesside rap artist Frikhan, Finn takes us back to the days of 90s pop/R&B crossovers, but with an old-school 80s pop twist.

When I listen to Finn Forster’s music, I hear a distinct reminiscence to Paolo Nutini; however, ‘Lonely Nights’ sees Finn diverge from the soul-inspired folk-rock tone to a slick, sensual individuality. Intertwining the silky smooth Luther Vandross meets Boyz II Men vocals with Frikham’s hip-hop influence, ‘Lonely Nights’ has a “happening smoothness”. As a huge fan of 90s boybands (all in my past, I promise), the flowing verses coupled with spoken word rap is highly endearing.

A lot of comparisons are made regarding the sonic side of things, but it is the lyricism that touches your heart. Using a personal narrative, Finn exposes the fragility of humans when it comes to relationships. Desire, yearning and longing ooze from this sincere song making it heartwarming. As I said, it’s a 90s pop song that you can sway to without too much difficulty. I love the evolution in Finn’s sound and can’t wait for more.

“‘Lonely Nights’ is definitely the proof and outcome of me growing as an independent artist. It’s a bold move and it’s taken some courage to delve into a new and never before done sound for me personally… I’m incredibly excited to share it with the world and fans of previous releases who I know will be unsuspecting of the new sound.” – Finn Forster on ‘Lonely Nights’

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