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Track Review: Lonely Nights // Satre

Noting his influences as “a lot of rock, something dance, a little bit of reggae and pinch of pop”, multi-talented musician/producer Satre is quickly building a reputation for genre-defying music. Described by The Other Side Reviews as having a “unique touch to his sound”, Satre has a signature sound that has him climbing the ranks as one of today’s most sensational artists. From 2019 onwards, the Åland-based musician has released several singles all critically acclaimed by notable publications like Roadie Music, York Calling, Sinusoidal Music, Nordic Music Central and Rising Artists Blog reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to his well-received discography is the single ‘Lonely Nights’.

Following his pop-inspired ballad ‘Best Friend’, ‘Lonely Nights’ adopts a softer, smoother and more mellow approach. As with the majority of his songs, the Finnish artist fuses synthetic and acoustic instrumentation in his ‘Lonely Nights’ trying to find a balance between the two styles – something truly intriguing. While there are rock-inspired arrangements, Satre’s latest single has a more contemporary electropop vibe that soothes the soul.

Penned and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Lonely Nights’ is one of those lockdown-influenced creative projects. Many musicians are now embracing composition due to the absence of live shows; however, this brief break has definitely produced some amazing songs with ‘Lonely Nights’ being one of them. Satre shares that he merely wants to express emotion with his music, and from ‘Every Little Sign’ to ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Lonely Nights’ he is placing an evocative, self-expressive spell on us all.

Along with the single, Satre released an official music video for ‘Lonely Nights’. A visual representation of the superb sonic arrangement, this video captures the essence of being isolated, alone and a little bit sad. Please note that the video does use lighting effects and image transitions that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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