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Track Review: Longsman // Not The Pain

The solo project of singer-songwriter Adam White, Longsman is an eclectic combination of indie-rock, Britpop, alternative rock and punk with a Motown twinge about him. As a new artist, Longsman doesn’t have too many gigs or releases to his name, but that hasn’t stopped him from causing some sensational waves. Following his guitar-driven indie-rock EP Standing On My Own, Adam releases his new single ‘Not The Pain’.

The first release off his upcoming album Punchbag, ‘Not The Pain’ is a simple and sensitive single. An exploration of emotion after the death of his father, the track looks at issues of grief, distress and depression. While people are aware of these common issues associated with loss, they are not always acknowledged and often overlooked despite their significance. In ‘Not The Pain’, Adam exposes these reactions in a strikingly honest and passionate way.

Combining steady instrumentation with his bold vocals, Adam shows a simplistic sincerity in ‘Not The Pain’. Yet, while the vocals have a smooth element to the delivery, you can feel the torment and discomfort being experienced. Not an upbeat song, but definitely a catchy one even though it can leave you with a sombre expression on your face.

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