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Track Review: Looking Up // RavenRain

A fan of the “mix and match concept”, it comes as no surprise that RavenRain‘s sound is a melting pot of genres. Ranging from the beats of EDM to the synths of dream-pop and even some twinges of K-pop, this London-based artist cannot be pigeon-holed. Beginning during the depths of the pandemic, the pop songstress encapsulated feelings of despair, confusion and anxiety in her music; however, it is alongside a sense of empowerment and self-discovery that these evocative issues are placed. A rather new act on the scene, RavenRain is a newbie, but she is already turning heads featuring on The Other Side Reviews, FV Music Blog, Roadie Music, YMX and Grimes Magazine. One of the latest additions to her repertoire is ‘Looking Up’.

As an Italian singer, RavenRain’s has a Meditteranean passion for everything including her music. Alright, that might seem a little stereotypical, but Italians are known for their love of life and larger than life appearance – a very good thing if you ask me! Raised in the Italian countryside, but now residing in the UK, RavenRain has different cultures from which to draw inspiration and build a sound. The thing is, while she may have an intriguing cultural background it does not exclude her from feeling the lows prompting anxiety, depression and despair.

As with her other songs, RavenRain chooses to address taboo issues of mental health and shine a light on these provocative themes. RavenRain explains that she “likes to experiment and try new things. I could be considered an outsider in every aspect of my life and, after struggling with insecurities for so many years, I am extremely proud of it and I want to empower others”. In ‘Looking Up’, she uses a personal narrative to not only engage listeners but connects with them on a deeper level. She stated that “I’m sure everyone, at least once in their life, had to deal with negative people. I don’t know how many times this has happened to me, so I wrote a song to let the feelings go and…to help others too”.

Potentially one of her most empowering singles, ‘Looking Up’ combines a danceable mixture of EDM and contemporary pop sounds. Reminiscent of Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, the heart-warming single is a sonic representation of hopefulness and optimism in difficult circumstances. While the melody already has joviality in its upbeat form, I believe RavenRain’s heartfelt vocals emphasise the significance of “rising above it all”. It’s anthemic, just anthemic and RavenRain is definitely one to watch!

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