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Track Review: Brexit // Loose T

Incorporating classical orchestral training with the ferocity of punk rock, Loose T takes her cello to another level. Hailing from France, but residing in the UK, Loose T touches on sociopolitical issues of the day in her debut single ‘Brexit’. It’s not very difficult to identify the core concept given that the track is called ‘Brexit’, but the French cellist showcases the angst, frustration and “pissed off-ness” of people living in the post-Brexit UK.

With the introduction of 2Cellos in 2011, cellists across the globe are breaking the boundary between contemporary rock, pop and classical genres. Yet, Loose T takes this even further incorporating the aggression of riot grrrl in the 21st century. Instead of powerful, hard rock-esque cello, Loose T melds together synth-like strings, high-pitched vocals and downtempo beats to create a haunting, hypnotic and inexplicable track.

Reminiscent of Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland and Bratmobile, ‘Brexit’ showcases Loose T’s innovativeness laying her piercing vocals atop moving melodies and angsty lyricism. Really just saying what she wants to say without any censorship, ‘Brexit’ is a big middle finger up to the UK’s current government. What I find particularly intriguing about the track is the discomfort of Loose T’s tones, but also a comfort in knowing I am not the only hating on the situation.

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