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Track Review: Loren Noyman // The Wind

Described a being “a capsule of special traits”, Loren Noyman is spirited, spunky and completely sensational. Influenced by the likes of iconic folk artists Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills & Nash, Loren’s music is engaging, emotional and insatiable. Gaining coverage on blogs and online radio stations from the UK, US and her home country Israel, this songstress is gaining a following on an international level. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘The Wind’.

Following her 2019 debut album Pieces, Loren makes a splash with the heartfelt and nostalgic ‘The Wind’. Touching on issues of relationships, love, devotion and meeting “the one”, this track incites the warm fuzziness of romance, but also the anxiety of whether this is the best option. Falling completely head-over-heels can be wonderful, but there is always the consideration of whether this could result in an obsessive breakdown.

“I wrote about love, about the first feeling I had when I fell in love. I wanted to describe the mixture of feelings we experience when we find our person – the one that fills our heart and the fears of the mind. ‘The Wind’ travels to the most beautiful places and wonders about the moment of true devotion. Does the ‘end’ truly exist. If so, when does it rest and we become one.” – Loren Noyman on ‘The Wind’

With a soft, warming melody, Loren uses her rich soulful vocals to inject depth and enchantment into ‘The Wind’. Similar to Lana Del Rey and Katie Melua, there is a harmonic weaving between the delicate instrumentation and her fragile tone.

Showcasing her uniqueness, eloquence and delicacy of sound, Loren Noyman teeters on the brink of heartfelt folk and alternative rock. I can foresee this romantic redhead going far in the music industry.

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