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Track Review: Lost On You // The Hilder

Influenced by the likes of Blossoms, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Johnny Marr and Arctic Monkeys, The Hilder certainty have a unique sound. Diverse and eclectic, the UK-based foursome has only just released music but I certainly don’t think they’ve peaked. One-hit wonders peak after their debut, but with their drive and passion The Hilder are certain to succeed, and I’m not the only one singing their praises. Featured on Clout, The Other Side Reviews, Amazing Radio, Phonograph Me, Quasar Radio and several playlists, the lads are breaking onto the scene in style. I am proud to introduce you to The Hilder with their debut single ‘Lost On You’.

Produced by Ady Hall, Lee McCarthy and Pete Maher, ‘Lost On You’ certainly has a superb melodic arrangement. Combining dynamic guitars with pounding drums, the track has a strong indie-rock reminiscent of Oasis, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys. What I find interesting is the unity of the instrumentation in the track. It is as if each element is given prominence then comes together as a beautiful whole in the end. I guess Plato was right when he said the whole was greater than the sum of its parts…at least I think that was Plato.

Touching on the topic of relationships, The Hilder explore the murky waters of romance in the 21st Century. Slightly gritty and brutally honest, the content showcases depth, profoundness and some melancholic nostalgia. Although, while there is a brooding over lost love, ‘Lost On You’ is an optimistic and empowering single. It looks at broken relationships and reflects on how you can learn from the mistakes, make yourself better and prepare for what lies ahead.

In addition to the single, The Hilder released an official music video for ‘Lost On You’. The video adds a visual element to the personal narrative in ‘Lost In You’. Basically, it follows a guy on a lads night out dealing with the feeling of being “…lost on you”. There is a transition from the protagonist’s tale to scenes of the guys playing live adding a bit of a personal touch to the video. Really entertaining and I guess the fact that the boys are kinda cute helps a bit, especially the guy with the glasses. Handsome and talented, The Hilder win my heart every time.

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