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Track Review: Love Is Real // Clifford

Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, The Smiths, Nirvana, Joy Division, Marvin Gaye, Talking Heads and even Etta James, US-based Clifford certainly has a melting pot of inspiration. Already a fan of Clifford after listening to his single ‘Quick Quick Slow’, my opinion might be a bit biased; however, I am not the only one in love with this talented guy. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Indie Obsessive, Caesar Live N Loud, The Independent Spirits and many more blogs, the singer-songwriter is turning heads across the globe. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Love Is Real’.

Not only a musician but also a producer, Clifford records all of his music in his home studio and this is no different for ‘Love Is Real’. Following on from the upbeat ‘Quick Quick Slow’, ‘Love Is Real’ has an acoustic-inspired approach enhancing his bold, rich vocals. Showing beauty in simplicity, a guitar is delicately strummed joined by steady drum beats. The transition from fast contemporary pop to a soothing, smooth track showcases Clifford’s innovation and diversity as an artist.

An intriguing sonic experience, the young musician encases you in a bubble of warmth and comfort with this new single. As I mentioned, I am a fan and listening to ‘Love Is Real’ increases not only my appreciation of Clifford’s musicality but also his lyrical depth. Clifford shares that “…there are double meanings throughout the song about someone’s want for love versus the truth about love. The want for love is about the self while the truth for love is about reality. A loving relationship is a two-way street in that you can’t have a strong relationship with someone without having a strong relationship with yourself.”

Calming and laidback, but with a juxtaposition in the intense lyricism, ‘Love Is Real’ will have you tapping your toe with its charming ambience. If you are looking for a song that captivates your heart and seeps into your soul then this is definitely it.

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