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Track Review: Lover // Under Delusion

Whoever said that people have the time of their lives in their twenties obviously hasn’t met Under Delusion. An alternative rock group with members well into their thirties, Under Delusion show that awesomeness has no age limit. Influenced by bands like Royal Blood, The Pretty Reckless and Bring Me The Horizon, the Russia-based group trio bring a passionate punch to contemporary rock. Already featured on Nexus Music Blog, as well as Find No Enemy, Rising Artists Blog and Edgar Allan Poets, the talented trio are reaching audiences on an international scale.

Hot on the heels of their well-received track ‘Awaken’, Under Delusion blasts into 2022 with their debut album Lover. Seductive and sensual, the entire nine-track album can get you twirling about and singing along; however, it is the title track that we look at here.

Smoother and more flowing than ‘Awaken’, ‘Lover’ adopts a tender intimacy in the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Odd thing though, while there is a steadiness in the melodic arrangement, the effect of this passionate track is wild and unruly. In their hushed way, Under Delusion slips beneath your skin and sends tantalising chills up your spine. It seems the whispered quality of the song makes it even more powerful and hard-hitting.

While there is a forcefulness in the melodic metal meets alternative rock sound, the female vocals calm the storm wrapping you in a blanket of charm. The thing is, while she is enchanting and oozes sincerity, she also has a bit of a cheekiness about her with a raised eyebrow and sexy smile. It’s almost impossible not to lose your head when listening to her tantalising voice wanting to “be your lover”.

Already a fan of Under Delusion, ‘Lover’ brings a whole new dimension to their hypnotic sound, and I’ve fallen completely. I cannot wait to see what else the trio has in store.

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