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Track Review: Lullaby // Rafa

While Dutch-Colombian singer-songwriter Rafa is a relatively new artist on the scene, this does not mean he is sitting in the background. Following his debut ‘Fight No More’ (read our review here) and sophomore single ‘Forever Love’, Rafa began turning heads across the globe. Gaining coverage from The Other Side Reviews, Sounds of Oz, iHeart Radio and several online radio stations/podcasts, there is definite interest in this pop artist. With a reputation for honest lyrics and engaging melodies, Rafa can easily captivate any listener. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Lullaby’.

As with ‘Fight No More’ and ‘Forever Love’, ‘Lullaby’ retains a strong synth-influenced sound; however, there seems to be a difference in this latest single. Perhaps it is the collaboration of Stereo Jane’s Syd Taylor adding a contemporary pop style but I believe it might be the inspiration that makes ‘Lullaby’ appear more intimate.

Dedicated to his newborn, Rafa describes this song as “as close to my heart as any song could be” and this love oozes through in ‘Lullaby’. Warm and charming, there is a buoyancy to the track but in a soft, bubble-gum pink sort of way. The combination of guitars and bass add a powerful punch to the track, but it is the interspersed piano that steadies the melody to form a sing-along single.

So adequately named, ‘Lullaby’ is truly a calming song for any child. In fact, the smooth flow of the melody makes it a tranquil track for anyone regardless of your age. The prominent feature for me is Syd Taylor’s vocals. The richness of her voice adds a maternal stance to ‘Lullaby’ intertwining with the instrumentation as a shining light of affection. With its catchy choruses and evocative melody, Rafa teeters on the edge of adult maturity and wistful, blissful innocence in this heartfelt tune. I can definitely see him tucking his kid in and softly singing ‘Lullaby’ as the baby falls asleep.

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