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Track Review: Luna // Carly Opacic

Working with producer Brandon Mingo, Carly Opacic is sharing soulful, soothing and engaging music with the masses. While a great fan of Nirvana, there is not much 90s grunge evident in Carly’s music; that being said, the intimacy of Kurt Cobain’s lyricism is definitely heard in her tunes. Featured by blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Lefuturewave, FV Music Blog and Two Story Melody, Carly has grabbed the attention of critics across the globe. Reputed for her endearing lyrics over heartwarming melodies, this US-based artist has a sound that you won’t want to miss. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Luna’.

The second part of a two-part release, ‘Luna’ is a song of empowerment and hopefulness. Carly introduces you to heartache and loss in the first part ‘Intro’, but it is in ‘Luna’ that she uses takes up a more optimistic perspective. Combining elements of synth-pop with folk undertones, the track creates a hazy ambience in which you can easily lose yourself.

With an obscure vocal tone, Carly Opacic is reminiscent of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, but with an old-school Kylie Minogue in the mix. Flowing and soothing, the harmonic interweaving of her voice with 80s pop instrumentation ‘Luna’ boasts a strong cinematic quality that can ensnare your senses. Yes, the track focuses on regaining one’s self-identity, but there is a haunting aspect to the melody that can leave you in tears. Refreshing and relaxing, Carly is breaking boundaries in this simple single.

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