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Track Review: Luna: The Invisible Irony // SamSeb Kierkegaard

Influenced by the likes of My Chemical Romance, David Bowie and Bloody Valentine, UK-based singer-songwriter SamSeb Kierkegaard is unique and obscure. Well, at least his sound is, I can’t comment on the person per se. If SamSeb himself is anything like his music, then I can believe that there would be some rather interesting conversations between us. I mean, what do you expect from two individuals with a love for MCR and Tim Burton?

While this is the first I have heard of SamSeb Kierkegaard, it is by no means the first time he has featured in the blogosphere. Receiving coverage on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Less Than 1000 Followers, Rising Artists Blog, Havoc Underground and various other publications, SamSeb is reaching ears across the globe. Slowly building a reputation for eclectic sounds, the genre-defying artist is definitely one to watch with his latest release ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’.

As with many emerging artists living through the Covid-19 pandemic, SamSeb Kierkegaard began penning and composing music in 2020. His first release, ‘Metamorphosis’, hit the virtual record shelves and began the SamSeb revolution. Now, we have ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ – an emo/goth-influenced song filled with pounding drums, dynamic guitars and an almost palpable grittiness to the melody. Hard-hitting and breath-taking, it is difficult to not feel tingles down your spine when listening to this new single.

Highly reminiscent of early-2000 alt-rock/emo groups like My Chemical Romance, The Used and 30 Seconds To Mars, SamSeb effortlessly reaches to your core with his raw, evocative sound. Yes, the melody itself is overwhelming and dark; however, it is the lyricism that highlights the depth and sophistication of his music. With his brash but bold vocals, SamSeb demonstrates his story-telling prowess taking you on a journey through a dystopian reality filled with monsters, saviours and lost protagonists.

Written as a chapter in his upcoming EP, ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ embodies love, hope, fear and inner turmoil in a few minutes. Yet, to me, it is not the Burton-esque tale that turns my head but rather the experimental nature mixing tangible and ethereal elements in an anthemic way.

In addition to the single, SamSeb released an official music video for ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’. This can be viewed below or on his YouTube Channel.

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