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Track Review: Lydia Briggs // Morning

Releasing her seventh single of the year, 17-year-old Lydia Briggs is making waves with her blues-influenced sound. Despite her short career, Lydia has garnered over 20,000 streams on Spotify and 308,000 views on YouTube and I’m sure those numbers are on the constant incline. However, what do you expect from a girl who filed her first business, Gin House Records, at 14 and worked with legendary producer Jim Wirt at 15?

Described as a “songstress whose unique voice perfectly complements its pop-sense” by Fiona Apple’s producer Jim Wirt, it’s clear to see that Lydia’s music is mature and sophisticated, yet retaining the “young kid” element. Her latest single is the emotional ‘Morning’.

“The song [Morning] is about capturing the feelings of insecurity and self-doubt when opening up to someone. I wanted to understand what it means to be vulnerable when you feel a close connection to a person you’re attracted to. You want that person to notice you and pull you close, but there’s tension in not knowing what will happen.” – Lydia Briggs on ‘Morning’

Reflective and endearing, Lydia uses her melodic voice to take you on an emotional journey. The addition of the Cleveland Orchestra’s Alan Harrell on cello is inspired as it enhances the concept of ‘Morning’. While the instrumentation is beautiful, it really is the combination of Lydia’s pure vocals with instrumentation that shows the underlying desperation and confusion in ‘Morning’.

With her cherubic face and angelic voice, reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Lydia Briggs can easily win your heart. ‘Morning’ is the second single of 2020 and I cannot wait to hear what she has coming up.

‘Morning’ also has an official music video that can be seen HERE.

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