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Track Review: Whippoorwill // Madeline Finn

With a skill for merging various genres in a single track, Madeline Finn is one of the more interesting boundary-breaking acts I have heard this year. Along with her solo project, the singer-songwriter has fronted pop-punk band Envoi and Americana group Whiskey Hollow touring throughout the USA and establishing herself as an energetic vocalist. Now embracing a solo career, Madeline offers engaging lyricism over heartwarming melodies. The latest single to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘Whippoorwill’.

Produced by renowned industry professionals Owen Lewis (Lady Gaga) and Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade), ‘Whippoorwill’ is a mish-mash of pop and indie-rock with folk undertones. Slightly acoustic in design, Madeline showcases her vulnerability and fragility in the bare-bones simplicity of the track. An effortless soundscape creating a pool of musical emotions, the melody plucks at one’s heartstrings and can move you to soul-stirring tears.

While the combination of synths and guitars can place you in a hazy swirl of sound, it is Madeline’s vocals that truly ensnare the senses. With hushed tones, Madeline’s rich vocals add a whimsical quality to ‘Whippoorwill’ despite the poignancy of the lyricism. Sincere, honest and evocative, the track engages with your deepest, darkest thoughts baring your soul to the world. Beguiling in its passion, ‘Whippoorwill’ is a sophisticated sensation.

“‘Whippoorwill’ is a conversation with my future self about all the things I’d give up to be where I think I want to be. Writing ‘Whippoorwill’ was a challenging exploration into the world of personal sacrifice and the meaning of success…a passionate piece from start to finish.” – Madeline Finn on ‘Whippoorwill’

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