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Track Review: Margo and Cece // The Non-Professionals

Featured on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, YMX, Edgar Allan Poets, Rock Era Magazine, Head Banger News, and various playlists, The Non-Professionals are making waves on an international level. Formed in drummer Luke Brisendine’s basement in 2018 (or probably earlier because they only released their first track in 2018), the US-based rock quartet are known for their adventurous and engaging sound. The latest addition to the group’s discography is the single ‘Margo and Cece’.

Recorded at Michigan’s Rabbit Hand Studios, The Non-Professionals adopt a DIY approach with ‘Margo and Cece’. In other words, the new single is completely self-produced from recording to mixing and mastering. Known for their intimate and reflective tales of life experiences, the group retain their bouncy nostalgic stance in ‘Margo and Cece’. The first release since their EP Animal Songs in 2020, this is the lads’ big blast back into the music scene and they do so with some real pizzaz.

Nodding to the pop-rock styles of the 90s, The Non-Professionals draw together pop-punk, pop-rock and some indie-pop in a bright bubblegum pink wrapping. Light-hearted and endearing, the toe-tapping track has you dancing from the first chord and seriously, you won’t stop. The melodic arrangement certainly can appeal to contemporary audiences, yet the band has a quirky edginess making them quite unforgettable.

While the melodic arrangement interweaves dynamic drums, bold guitars and Christian Wanner’s charming vocals, the poetic lyricism is what really connects with listeners. Nostalgic no doubt, but with a tinge of melancholy in the reflective words. The brightness and humour of ‘Margo and Cece’ are reminiscent of bands like Weezer, but an individuality remains as the juxtaposition between profound choruses and happy instrumentation collides. Like I said, the poetic lyricism with a personal narrative of childhood romances is what connects with audiences.

Personally, I love it and The Non-Professionals are definitely a gem in a pile of sonic pebbles.

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