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Track Review: Mask // Lizzie Hosking

Being diagnosed with autism at a young age, Lizzie Hosking has had to deal with rejection, isolation and being an outcast. Yet, despite the difficulties, she has grown in self-confidence and acceptance – concepts that she shares through her music. Beginning her musical project by posting covers on Instagram, Lizzie demonstrated an appreciation for music. The thing is it is her original pieces that found her nominated for an SA Music Award. Featured in various blogs like Roadie Music, this Australian singer-songwriter is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Mask’.

Known for her empowering anthems, Lizzie returns self-confidence to people facing insecurities. In the new single ‘Mask’ she takes on these issues with a bit of advice about being sure of and respecting yourself. Penned as a song to help her sister realise her self-worth after experiencing a break-up, ‘Mask’ is, as Lizzie puts it, “a song about helping your friend realise they deserve so much more than their walking red flag of a partner.” She also explained how songs can be a catharsis when she shared ‘Mask’ with her sister and “calling her ex-boyfriend out for all of the things he did was very therapeutic for us both.”

So, now we know Lizzie Hosking is a powerful, no-nonsense woman; however, it is her sassy vocals that enhance this image. The daughter of a brass performer and opera singer, Lizzie has been around music since day one. Yet, while she has musicians as parents, she dug her own little unique sound in the musical family. In ‘Mask’ she blends elements of pop, RnB and blues with an eclectic edginess.

A well-layered tune, Lizzie showcases sophistication in her arrangement with instrumentation carefully belying her soulful vocals. With the vocals in the foreground, you get the full force of her sassy attitude. Toe-tapping and heart-warming, there is a smoothness to the tune but don’t get too comfortable. As I mentioned, ‘Mask’ is a dig at a toxic ex-boyfriend, but it has a chilled vibe that both soothes and has an intense intimacy behind the lyricism. Charming, endearing, sincere and sentimental, ‘Mask’ is a brutally honest track that is easy to but has an “in your face” attitude.

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