Track Review: Master of Deflection // Aaron Yorke

Known for his piano-driven folk sound, Aaron Yorke has been described as “a songsmith of soaring vocals and sensitively crafted tunes” (BBC Radio). I could hardly say it better, but I’ll definitely give it a go with my new review. Already captivating my ears and soul in previous singles, Aaron combines endearing lyrics with tender melodies. Featured on iHeart Radio, BBC Introducing, The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music and YMX (to name a few), Aaron is melting hearts on a global scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Master of Deflection’.

Similar to ‘Jail’, ‘Games’ and ‘Storm’, Aaron Yorke continues to share evocative and provocative singles. The first release of 2021, ‘Master of Deflection’ touches on existential truths; however, this exploration is more empowering than his gut-wrenching tracks. Using a personal narrative, this Master of Deflection exposes the relentless resolution to survive in challenging situations. The distinct gruffness of Aaron’s vocals not only enhances the poignancy of the track but add robustness to the delicate song.

I often compare Aaron Yorke to Ed Sheeran and Tom Odell, but it seems I am placing him alongside these artists now. The barebones structure of his piano-driven singles always cut through the muscle straight to the heart of a concept – it’s this that keeps me listening. I might have a tear in my eye, but the simplicity of his acoustic songs make it almost impossible to hit the “stop” button. Noting well-placed crescendos in ‘Master of Deflection’, I am pulled along a river of music with kaleidoscopic waves. Addictive, beguiling and enchanting, Aaron has ensnared my senses once again with a lingering sense of haunted nostalgia.

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