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Track Review: Maybe you’re right // Kritters

Bringing together the sounds of South Africa, Greece, Germany and the UK, Kritters is an indie-pop duo with a unique sound. While it is a new project between Kirini O.K. and Rob Steadman, there is already sophistication in their work. It makes sense considering each individual is steeped in creative arts. Rob was the long-running drummer of indie-folk band Stornoway and Kirini is an established visual artist. As Kritters they explore a deeper, more curious and compelling take on music.

Described as a “smouldering, churning, escalating ode to running away from your problems”, ‘Maybe you’re right’ is a sonic representation of escapism. Touching on issues of isolation, self-loathing and inner conflict, the track has a melancholic quality in both the melody and lyrics. The deadpan execution of the meaningful lyricism enhances feelings of desperation with a haunted quality. Kirini’s vocals seem to embody the pain and raw honesty felt by a person going through a depressive episode.

Teetering on the edge of classical and obscure, ‘Maybe you’re right’ is passion performed in an impassive way. A simplistic melody, there is an acoustic-inspired element in the track; however, the crescendo into full-bodied instrumentation brings in a “fuller” sound – for lack of a better word. What I find particularly compelling is how the melody has a mournful tone transitioning from an abandoned silence to a rapid river of hollowness and taking you along for the ride. Kirini’s haunted vocals enhance the desperate feel exposing the fragility of human souls.

Delicate and completely honest, Kritters take on the underbelly of dwelling in escapist fantasies. With a lingering sense of desolation, ‘Maybe you’re right’ speaks the unspoken thoughts of living in despair.

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