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Track Review: Me On A Good Day // Bosola

Influenced by the likes of The Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths and The Cure, three-piece alternative rock group Bosola have a melancholic but hard-hitting sound. Described by NARC Magazine as “a bold, enthralling, fresh and endlessly-reputable statement of intent from an absolutely visionary songwriter”, the trio is one of the more interesting bands in the UK scene. Featured not only on NARC but also The Other Side Reviews, Music Is To Blame, Sinusoidal Music, RGM, Mogg Blog and Punk Rocker, Bosola is turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Me On A Good Day’.

The lead single from their upcoming EP Thomas & Judas, ‘Me On A Good Day’ is a conceptual theme exploring existential issues like detachment, isolation, loss of faith and the human spirit in modern-day society. Combining the post-punk synths with dynamic rock guitars and pounding drums, the ethereal melody adds a hazy ambience to a kaleidoscopic soundscape. With the transition from melancholic softness to head-bopping speed, listening to the song is like being on an acid trip but without the acid. A strong nod is given to 90s grunge bands like The Manic Street Preachers and Radiohead.

Woven within their haunted tapestry of sound is not emotive vocals but the poignancy of the track – like a silver thread shining brightly. Bosola shares that “the song was written at a time in my life where the curtains were all drawn back at the same time and found that all the stories I had been told started to ring empty and everything started to feel pointless and I felt tired all the time.” The distress, anxiety and exhaustion are elegantly captured in the steady vocals while sophisticatedly polished in its surreal sound. It’s difficult to describe but I can definitely say that Bosola is a band to watch. They made it through 2021 and I have a feeling they will make 2022 as successful.

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