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Track Review: Melody & Madness // Omen

Dedicated to creating original, authentic and engaging music, Melody & Madness use their tunes to express emotions and thoughts in a creative way. Influenced by a plethora of artists ranging punk giants Charged GBH and Discharge to metal icons Tool and Slipknot, one can expect hard, heavy and powerful sound. Featured in publications like Eat This Rock and The Other Side Reviews, Melody & Madness is gaining a reputation for producing high-energy tracks on an international scale.

Following a disastrous end to a previous project, Adam Martin (vocals, keys and drums) and Dhuran Modha (guitar, bass and keys) found themselves drawing closer together with their heavy, alternative rock sound. Dipping into a realm of negativity, the duo chose to take control and use these emotions instead of fleeing from them.

Initially penned as a short ambient project to be disregarded, the poetic lyricism and intense “nu-progressive” sound forced ‘Omen’ to remain at the forefront of their minds. Adapted to suit vocalist Adam Martin, the single became a sonic representation of inner turmoil, conflict and descent into madness. Touching on elements of anxiety, negativity and fear, ‘Omen’ paints a dark but picturesque image of fear and self-loathing.

Incorporating nu-metal spoken word with hard-hitting instrumentation, ‘Omen’ is an elegant weaving of tormented lyricism with an overwhelming melody. Adam’s gruff vocals evoke desperation, pain and raw honesty; however, this is only enhanced with the suppressive guitar riffs. As the song progresses, the instrumentation becomes more prominent acting as the demons overcoming the subject plunging you into the mire of insanity.

Used as a catharsis to help one deal with the “darkness within”, ‘Omen’ is a boundary-breaking assault on one’s senses. From the first second, you can feel yourself pulled into a whirlpool of torment that doesn’t let up…well, it just doesn’t let up. Relentless and beguiling, Melody & Madness have a real winner with ‘Omen’.

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