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Track Review: Memories // Trashed

Trashed write emotive punk rock that tugs on the heartstrings. Their most recent song “Decay” was fast and ferocious, and they are back with a brand new song called “Memories.” It will be interesting to see how this song compares.

The chorus is absolutely fantastic, and reminds me very strongly of Joyce Manor. It is an earworm that grabs you straight away on first listen, the punked up guitars are heavy and angsty. The lyrics are about the anxiety one experiences over a break up: “These memories never even meant a thing to me / that’s what I tell myself every day to take the pain away.” You can feel the passion as these words are sung. The riff is going to sound bananas at a gig, resulting in a sweaty singalong. How this band are not big I do not know, but they will get their time. People are going to love the relatable lyrics and angsty riffs. This is fantastic.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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