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Track Review: Men Behind The Sun // Wolfman

Growing up on daytime television, rock and roll, and Tesco Value cider, Men Behind The Sun is a rock quartet hailing from Newcastle, UK.  Inspired by sociopolitical situations, Men Behind The Sun’s material can be considered provocative and compelling. Merging indie-rock with alt-rock and grunge, Michael Kinison (vocals and guitar), Steven Gilligan (lead guitar), Robin Heath (bass) and Josh Martin (drums) are starting to make some waves in the music scene despite only having released two songs to date. The latest is the single ‘Wolfman’.

Reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and Oasis, Men Behind The Sun eclectically devise an authentic sound to push their liberal material. The follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut single ‘Meadow Well Riots’, ‘Wolfman’ is an illustrative representation of people living in a ruthless capitalist world. Amusingly recorded in a single day with a brutal storm raging outside the Newcastle-based recording studio, ‘Wolfman’ encapsulates the uncertainty and insecurity of modern society.

“Heavily influenced by the John Kennedy Toole novel ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’, ‘Wolfman’ is about the unease and insecurities of Man in modern society.” – Men Behind The Sun on ‘Wolfman’

What I find intriguing about Men Behind The Sun is the reassuring element of their songs despite the sombre backstory and meaning. While ‘Wolfman’ is a single expressing a serious concept, there is a juxtaposition of poignant lyricism and feel-good, head-bopping instrumentation that makes you pay attention. In addition to the dynamic guitars and heavy drums, Kinison’s throaty vocals enhance the element of defeatism, but still hopefulness in individuality, with the emotive and honest tone.

Breaking boundaries, this radical foursome exude a sublime sincerity and raw honesty filled with political angst from the depths of their souls. If ‘Wolfman’ is anything to go by, I cannot wait to hear future material.

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