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Track Review: Mess // Eleri Ward

Have you ever met someone who likes everything black, hears music in her head, will not eat beetroot, loves dinosaurs, is an expert at eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and sings like an angel? If not, then you’re about to…may I present Chicago native, Eleri Ward. Featured in Big Sound Blog, Reignland Mag and Keep Walking Music (to name a few), Eleri is slowly building a loyal following. The latest single from this talented songstress is ‘Mess’.

Born in Chicago but now residing in New York City, the US-based singer-songwriter fuses elements of contemporary pop and R&B with soul undertones. Combining the steadiness and consistency of electropop-esque beats with her soaring vocals, Eleri is honing her distinct sound. Yet, while the soothing soulfulness of her melodies is consistent, there is a difference between ‘Mess’ and the previous ‘Do Yourself A Favor’. While there is a languid design, Eleri demonstrates innovativeness in pace, style and instrumentation.

Slower than her previous tracks, ‘Mess’ seems to hold a greater sentimentality because of the more flowing harmonies. Touching on elements of bad decisions, regret, a lack of control and complete disarray, ‘Mess’ is engaging for every young person – something she brings across in her personal narrative. However, while there is a melancholic feel to the track, there is a lingering sense of empowerment and contentment. It seems that she would “rather be messed up than bored”.

With the intimacy of Joni Mitchell and the attitude of Miley Cyrus (we’re talking ballads not that ‘Wrecking Ball’ stuff), Eleri Ward is a personification of confidence and daring. What I find intriguing about the haunting track is the stripped-back nature. ‘Mess’ showcases a combination of traditional organic vocals and modern-day synthetic instrumentation; perhaps this is to show the concept of chaotic realities.

Side note: Eleri is releasing a music video for ‘Mess’ on April 30th, 2021.

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