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Track Review: Microscopic Enemy // Sentience Machine

With their unique and obscure sound, the UK-based group Sentience Machine is taking on provocative existential issues with a slathering of rock. Borne from the embers of the Covid-19 pandemic, the quintet draws together elements of pop-punk, melodic metal and hard rock in their music. Representing the 21st century generation, there is a large amount of angst and rage in their rebellious singles. Despite being a rather new band, Sentience Machine has already featured on Rising Artists Blog, YMX, Less Than 1000 Followers, The Other Side Reviews and many other blogs. We are looking at their single ‘Microscopic Enemy’.

Following their debut single ‘Black Mirror’, Sentience Machine continue to explore conceptual issues like oppression in their songs. While ‘Black Mirror’ touched on dystopian societies, ‘Microscopic Enemy’ delves further into our gritty reality on a more personal level. Expressing their frustration, vulnerabilities and inner turmoil, the band explodes with the hard-hitting sophomore single. Combining pounding drums and dynamic guitars, there is a forcefulness behind the tune that completely aligns with the profound message – reclaiming freedom in a disastrous, capitalist society.

Inspired by the effects of living in lockdown, ‘Microscopic Enemy’ showcases the painful truths we like to avoid but need to face. The references to economic hardship, mental health and media coverage are provocative but also retains a sense of intimacy. It is this aggressive intimacy that makes the single so intriguing and showcases the band’s depth of material.

While the female vocals are not as ethereal as Evanescence’s Amy Lee, the song does remind me of Evanescence’s powerful style. In fact, Sentience Machine may be a mish-mash of Halestorm and Evanescence with a bit of a distinctive gruffness to their music. I don’t know much about Sentience Machine, but what I do know is their music is highly evocative hitting you between the eyes and reverberating down your spine. You’re lucky if you aren’t gasping after listening to ‘Microscopic Enemy’ because it can really take your breath away.

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