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Track Review: Middle Name // Snowfish

Fusing elements of pop-rock, indie-rock and grunge, New South Wales-based trio Snowfish are a refreshing breath in the contemporary alternative rock scene. Quickly making waves with their debut single ‘Ghost’, brothers Jordan, Solomon and Kalen Rodrigues lay are gaining a reputation for energetic and engaging music. Featured on Amplify, The Other Side Reviews, Temporary Dreamer, Hysteria Magazine and various online radio stations, Snowfish is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Middle Name’.

Following their well-received debut single ‘Ghost’, ‘Middle Name’ is a high-powered three-minute track. Showcasing their versatility, the Australian brothers move from a steadier grunge-inspired sound to the lively emo meets alternative rock design. Reminiscent of My Chemical Romance, ‘Middle Name’ is a combination of pounding guitars, dynamic guitars and bold vocals. Yet, while each element complements the other, each retains an individuality making them shine in the melodic swirl of sound.

Hard-hitting and powerful, the melody of ‘Middle Name’ can easily turn your head, but it is the vocals that enhance the poignancy of the track. Touching on the concept of growing from one’s mistakes, Snowfish adds a hint of vulnerability to the song. Similar to the beguiling tones of Thom Yorke (Radiohead), the not necessarily dulcet but mildly mellow vocals bring warmth and sentimentality to ‘Middle Name’.

Produced at The Grove Studios with Jack Nigro, ‘Middle Name’ is beautifully textured showcasing the harder, heavier side of Snowfish. Brash with a genuine richness, the brothers prove their sound to be spine-chilling, toe-tapping and breath-taking.

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