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Track Review: Miss Him The Most // Abby London

Singing into her hairbrush in front of imaginary audiences, Abby London sort of embraced a “musical career” at age 5. Abby had high aspirations wanting to “create a musical universe audiences could inhabit with her”, but this didn’t happen immediately. As with all people, life gets in the way, and she faced addictions, physical ailments and self-doubt on her path to happiness. I am glad to report, however, that Abby made her way to Spotify greatness after releasing her single ‘Goodbye Tetris Blitz’. Since then, she has turned heads with ‘Anxiety’, ‘Bushes’, and now ‘Miss Him The Most’.

 Described as being mischievously edgy and full of pizzaz, Abby London’s music has an eclectic bang reaching out into a kaleidoscopic soundscape. While her tracks tend to lean to an upbeat pop style, ‘Miss Him The Most’ brings things down as an acoustic ballad. Using a minimalistic approach, the track has a piano and vocals simplicity to it, but also a wistful whirlwind of colours. I find this emotional kaleidoscope to be perfect for the message of ‘Miss Him The Most’ – a message for a passed loved one.

Filled with heartfelt tenderness, Abby’s rich vocals touch on the loss of someone she loved more than most. The long-haired black cat Kronos was with Abby through her rollercoaster of a life supporting her in the most desperate of times. Dealing with addiction can be complex but having someone in your corner makes all the difference and Kronos was Abby’s saviour. Sadly, the cat with a huge personality moved from reality to whatever lies beyond but he is not forgotten. In fact, he will not be forgotten by Abby or anyone else because of this anthemic tribute.

Bold, charming and heartfelt, the poetic lyricism of ‘Miss Him The Most’ tells us all about the cherished relationship between pet and owner. Abby London shares that “there needs to be more songs about pets” touching on the need to celebrate pet life through music.  

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