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Track Review: Miss Me? // Carley Varley

Since 2019, UK-based singer-songwriter Carley Varley has been merging elements of pop, indie-rock and pop-rock in her unique sound. Influenced by the likes of Hayley Williams, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, it is clear Carley is a strong female with powerful musicality; however, the diverse inspiration ensures an obscurity in her music. Featured in Less Than 1000 Followers, Pop Fad Blog, RGM, Motion News and The Other Side Reviews, Carley is receiving attention not only in the UK but across the globe. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Miss Me?’.

Following her infectious summer banger ‘Going Under’, ‘Miss Me?’ adopts a far more intimate and heartfelt style wrapping you in a blanket of kaleidoscopic sound. While there is a certain simplicity to the song it is not small or lack-lustre in any way. The boldness of Carley’s Hayley Williams-esque vocals fuses with the intensity of the guitar-driven melody. One of the tracks off her upcoming EP Seasons, ‘Miss Me?’ is emotive and certain to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Carley shares that “…this is my favourite song from the EP and my best one that I’ve written so far. ‘Miss Me?’ was so personal to me and I think it shows both vocally and musically. I get lost in this song and I hope listeners do too.”

Known for her outstanding acoustic performances, Carley releases official acoustic videos for almost all of her songs; this is the case with ‘Miss Me?’. Recorded in her home studio, the video is a visual representation of the sincere sentimentality behind the song. Acoustic music does have its benefits and its challenges, one being that there is nothing to hide behind. Carley Varley doesn’t need to hide anything showcasing her honest and genuine sound in such a raw way. Watch out Hayley Williams, Carley Varley is coming for you!

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