Track Review: Monster // Eville

I have never heard of Eville but judging from bands who have come out of their scene, such as HAWXX, Kid Kapichi, UGLY CLUB, and Snayx, they have the potential to rock. Let’s see what their new song “Monster” is like.

Fucking god. This crushes my fucking skull. What’s interesting about this production is that vocally it’s drenched in autotune, however everything about it is dark, gothic, and spooky. Have the guitars been put into a bitcrusher? The vocals are bratty and spiky, adding to an intoxicating potion of fierce nu metal.

I love this song. I hope that Eville get bigger. They’ve been played on the radio, and here’s hoping they can create more ripples in the rock scene.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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