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Track Review: Morals // Helen

Drawing together elements of pop, funk and R&B in her music, US-based artist Helen has an upbeat and intriguing sound. While this is my introduction to Helen, she already has critical acclaim for many of her songs. Featured on editorial playlists on Spotify, such as Pop Frequency and Ripple Effect, Helen is reaching audiences via streaming; however, she has also made her way onto the blogosphere with outstanding success. Featured on Find No Enemy, The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Keep Walking Music and Rising Artists Music Blog, Helen is reaching people on a global level.

Following her well-received track ‘Bitter Bitch’, ‘Morals’ has a softer, smoother, more sensual feeling to the sound. Unlike ‘Bitter Bitch’, Helen adopts a stronger pop meets R&B style in ‘Morals’ reminiscent of the late-1990s/2000s groups; however, it has an edge by adding a contemporary electronic beat to the arrangement. Melodic with strong harmonies between the backing beat and soothing synths, ‘Morals’ tips you into a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool.

As I mentioned, ‘Morals’ adopts a more sensual ambience than Helen’s previous work – and this is apt considering the message of the track. With a personal narrative, her haunting vocals explore the concept of obsessive love. Helen explains that ‘Morals’ was written after speaking “…with a friend about how it would feel to be so invested in someone that you would do anything for them, so I wanted to find a way to write about that”.

We all go through the “honeymoon phase” in relationships, but what is that all about? In ‘Morals’, Helen looks at the insatiable beauty of obsessive love, as well as the consuming toxicity of the relationship. Yet, while the concept is significant and relatable for many, it is Helen’s haunting vocal execution that really pushes the agenda. Wistful, whimsical and light, Helen makes ‘Morals’ easy to listen to while retaining a profoundness within. Overall, I love it!

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