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Track Review: Moving Down South // Down South Pepper band

With over 30 releases to their name, international coverage across three continents, constant rotation on radio stations worldwide, and placement on the International Country Music Chart, Down South Pepper band is a force to be reckoned with. Coming together over a decade ago, Finnish singer-songwriters Rune Nyby and Per Øyvind Mathisen created Down South Pepper band, but also include a collective of guest artists on many of their songs including Lars Rune Rebbestad and Nils Mathisen. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Moving Down South’.

Following their track ‘Son of a Gun’, ‘Moving Down South’ is another catchy, upbeat and infectious country song. Moreover, the lads’ superb finger-picking guitar style matches the pounding drum with a toe-tapping effect. Add Per Øyvind Mathisen on the organ and Eivind Kløverød on percussion, and you have a harmonic melody capturing the essence of southern style country-rock.

Just as the melody can hold its own as a jovial arrangement, the lyricism is what really makes me grin. Down South Pepper band explain that ‘Moving Down South’ is “about getting a new start when you’re not necessarily ready for a new start”, and we can hear that in the personal narrative. Telling us a tale of having to move down south, the band moves from wistfulness and whimsy to confident and headstrong, all wrapped up in a perfect rock meets country package. What I find particularly intriguing is how there is hopefulness woven into the song, as well as fearfulness of what is to come.

Sincere, sentimental and a barrel of sonic awesomeness, Down South Pepper band release their new single ‘Moving Down South’.

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