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Track Review: Mr. Love // Wise John

Music can be a catharsis, it can be a representation of our emotions, it can share tales about certain concepts, and it can be a lifeline to keep us going – for Wise John it’s the latter. A computer engineer turned musician, Wise John has lived a dramatic life moving over 30 times on three continents, holding down jobs as a space roboticist, lifeguard and cancer research assistant, and doing all this while dealing with several chronic illnesses. In all honesty, just reading that brief bio makes me do a double-take and think: “heavens, that’s exhausting”. While I might be exhausted, all of these experiences have made Wise John stronger with music woven as his lifeline.

In January 2022, Wise John chose to pursue music as a full-time career; so, he’s a relative newbie in the music scene. Yet, while the lad is a newbie, he is by no means sitting on his laurels. Featured in Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Clout, Obscure Sound, York Calling, Iggy Magazine and many more blogs and playlists, the US-based artist is turning heads across the globe.

Recorded in collaboration with artist Elise Trouw and producer Quinn Devlin, the US-based musician releases his new single ‘Mr. Love’. Following his 2021 album, A Wonderful World, ‘Mr. Love’ is a joyous soul-pop single with old-school funk overtones. Tossing you immediately into a warm sonic swirl filled with kaleidoscopic lights, you lose yourself with Wise John’s song. What I find intriguing is how the upbeat, high-paced funk sends your soul soaring only to be met with a sharp silence while everyone gathers their thoughts. A slower, more tender outro is the deep sigh of relief ending the track with a calm smile on your face.

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