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Track Review: My Someone // Presley Duyck

Described by producer Chris Garcia as “an excellent songwriter with a perspective that is way beyond her years”, singer-songwriter Presley Duyck melds innocence with sophistication in her music. With a passion for storytelling, this talented artist expresses intimate tales with her engaging sound. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Clout, Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music, Jamsphere and various playlists, Presley is making a splash with music critics. The latest addition to her repertoire is the single ‘My Someone’.

Touching on the themes of love and longing, ‘My Someone’ shares the tale of a man who leaves for war despite his wife’s desperate plea for him to remain at home. The protagonist understands why he chooses to leave and wants to believe he will return home and they will continue to live happily ever after -told you she is a brilliant storyteller. Does the man make it home? I will not tell you as it’s best for you to enjoy the intimacy of ‘My Someone’.

The story can keep you enthralled, but it is the melodic arrangement that truly captures my heart making the protagonist’s vulnerability almost palpable. Following her single ‘Cold Together’, Presley Duyck merges elements of folk with a contemporary pop style. Her rich vocals soothe your soul enhancing the intimacy of ‘My Someone’. Yet, while there is a soothing vibe to Presley’s vocal execution, there is an underlying feeling of melancholy in the dulcet tones.

One thing that makes Presley Duyck unique is the incorporation of classical instrumentation in her tracks. The classical solo in ‘My Someone’ is evident of her innovativeness but also increases the desperation of the tale. It’s an exploration of human fragility and you can’t help but want to soothe that vulnerable soul. I can’t wait for more from this talented artist.

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