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Track Review: Nadia Phillips // On Reflection

Hailing from the historic town of Castlemaine, Australia, Nadia Phillips is a captivating singer-songwriter with genre-bending style. She began learning to play the piano and guitar from an early age discovering her passion and natural talent for music. From merely playing instruments at home, Nadia started writing, recording and performing her original songs. At only 18 years of age, Nadia is breaking out on the music scene with her debut release ‘On Reflection’.

Influenced by The Beatles, early Radiohead and Dido, Nadia shows a fondness for the UK indie-rock and pop genres. It is amusing that she cites Dido as an influence as her unique vocals are highly reminiscent of the award-winning electropop artist.

Weaving her moving lyrics with a simple guitar, ‘On Reflection’ is soothing and tranquil but with a haunting ambience. Lyrically, Nadia explores the tender and confusing reality for young adults making it quite relatable to her youthful audience. What I find endearing is how the message behind the heartfelt content is enhanced by her instrumentation and voice. Unforgettable, insatiable and catchy, Nadia Phillips has an instant hit with ‘On Reflection’.

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