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Track Review: Narrow Lines // Attic Theory

Described by notable music blog YMX as a group that offers a “…musical output that tries to innovate while staying true to their raw rock imprint”, Attic Theory is an engaging band that really plunges you into the grittiness of their grunge meets alt-rock style. Hailing from Liverpool (that’s in the UK to be specific), singer-songwriter Lewis Wright is joined by guitarists Time Cunningham, Matt Lawler and Peter Donnelly, bassist Kenny McArthur, and drummer Norm Walker to form this force of nature. While Attic Theory is well-known in the underground rock scene, they have a strong global fanbase with coverage from Less Than 1000 Followers, Planet Rock, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Rock Tribune and many more. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Narrow Lines’.

Following their single ‘Tattooed Heart’, Attic Theory touch on a sensitive and significant topic in ‘Narrow Lines’ – mental health. Not afraid to tackle the more provocative issues facing society, the single aims to raise more awareness for those dealing with complicated life situations. Frontman Lewis Wright explains that “our aim with the ‘Narrow Lines’…is to raise more awareness for all those going through difficult times in their lives. The lyrics talk about how you can feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending loop when going through troubling issues and hopefully the song will encourage the listener to reach out to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who offer help, support and information to anyone who is struggling or in crisis.”

Lyrically, there is a sensitivity to ‘Narrow Lines’, but it is the harmonic melodic expression that really pushes the significance of mental health awareness. Leaning toward the hard-hitting alt-rock sounds of the 90s, Attic Theory reminds me of Three Days Grace – particularly with the rough, gruff vocal execution. Interestingly enough, Three Days Grace used their song ‘Pain’ to discuss mental health and Attic Theory is doing this with ‘Narrow Lines’. A powerful harmony exists between the dynamic guitars, pounding drums and rich vocals; however, it is met by a feeling of fear and hopelessness interwoven into the tune.

Hard but soft, rough but sensitive, Attic Theory capture the depths of despair in their inspired song ‘Narrow Lines’.

Note: all proceeds received from downloads of ‘Narrow Lines’ will be donated to CALM – a charity unity the UK against suicide.

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